Upgrades make your flight a little more comfortable and a lot more special. With Air New Zealand, you can buy them, make an offer or earn them.

Buying your upgrade

Upgrade to Premium Economy or Business Premier

For the ultimate flying experience, you have to try our premium cabins. If you've already booked, you can go online or in to the Air NZ app to switch your seat to Premium Economy or Business Premier.

Simply go in to your booking, then:

  • Choose the flight you would like to upgrade
  • Select the cabin class you want to upgrade to
  • Select a seat within the new cabin
  • Pay the difference in price
  • We'll send you an updated booking confirmation

As well as a better seat and premium dining, you'll also enjoy an extra baggage allowance, premium check-in and priority boarding.

Upgrade to a premium cabin

Upgrade your Economy seat to a Skycouch™

You can change your Economy seat to an Economy Skycouch for a super-relaxed flight. Your own row of three special seats converts to one big couch. If you're flying with a partner or your children, it can be a great option.

All you need to do is update your booking online, or in the Air NZ app. If your flight has Skycouch onboard, we'll show you the available Skycouches on your flight.

Onboard, staff will explain and assist with your preferred Skycouch configuration. Pillows and blankets will be provided to make that Skycouch extra comfy.

Upgrade to an Economy Skycouch

Make an offer for an upgrade with OneUp™

OneUp gives you the chance to upgrade for less than the price of a full international flight ticket.

You place an offer for an upgrade online, or in the Air NZ app. If you're successful, you pay the amount, and enjoy your upgraded seat. If your offer doesn't come through, you pay nothing.

Find out more about OneUp

Using OneUp to upgrade to a premium cabin

A OneUp cabin upgrade can move you up to the next cabin class. So if you're booked in Economy, you can make an offer for an upgrade to Premium Economy. If you're in Premium Economy, you can try for Business Premier.

Simply offer how much you'd like to pay per seat. If your offer is accepted, you and your companions move up a cabin class and you pay the agreed amount. If you don't get the upgrade, you don't pay a cent.

It's best to place your OneUp offer at least three days before your flight. If you're a Silver, Gold or Elite Airpoints member, we'll top up your offer depending on your tier level.

Make an offer for a OneUp cabin upgrade

Using OneUp to upgrade to Economy Skycouch

You can also use OneUp to upgrade to an Economy Skycouch. It's a great way to make a long trip more comfortable without breaking the bank.

Make an offer for a OneUp Skycouch upgrade

Earning an upgrade through your Airpoints membership

Air New Zealand Airpoints is our frequent flyer programme. The more you fly, the more you benefit - and that includes access to exclusive upgrades.

Recognition upgrades

If you're an Elite or Gold Airpoints member we give you two recognition upgrades per membership year. Silver members receive one recognition upgrade per membership year. You can use them to upgrade one cabin class on one sector of a journey.

Use a recognition upgrade

Elite short haul recognition upgrades

As an Elite Airpoints member, you also receive one short haul recognition upgrade each membership year. You can request an Economy to Business Premier upgrade when you fly to most trans-Tasman and Pacific Islands destinations. You can use your upgrade yourself, or gift it to someone else.

Use your Elite short haul recognition upgrade

Elite Airpoints Dollar™ upgrades

Used up your recognition upgrades? Elite members can also request an upgrade using Airpoints Dollars at a fixed rate. You can apply to upgrade on short and long haul Air New Zealand flights.

Use an Elite Airpoints Dollars upgrade

Star Alliance upgrades

Travelling overseas on a Star Alliance airline? As an Airpoints member you can request to buy an upgrade with Airpoints Dollars, as long as you have purchased an eligible booking class and there are seats available. The upgrade options depend on your airline. View Star Alliance upgrade rates and info.

Request to buy a Star Alliance upgrade