More ways to fly to New Zealand

Looking at booking your New Zealand adventure? Wondering how it could possibly get any better than discovering everything that's on offer on the other side of the world? Well, we're making the seemingly impossible possible with the chance to design the trip of a lifetime with our stopover destinations, on the way to New Zealand.

Our stopover options let you visit the USA, Canada, Asia on your way to or from New Zealand with Air New Zealand and our partner airlines. Whether you want to add a few more stamps to your passport or take a few weeks out to relax after exploring New Zealand, we let you pick your perfect destination.

The full list of stopover destinations includes:

  • Denpasar (Bali)
  • Hong Kong
  • Seoul
  • Shanghai
  • Singapore
  • Taipei
  • Tokyo
  • New York
  • Chicago
  • Houston
  • Los Angeles
  • San Francisco
  • Vancouver
  • Honolulu

UK departure airports available when booking with us direct:

  • London Heathrow
  • Manchester (Houston, Hong Kong and Singapore routes only)

Also available but includes a UK domestic feeder flight to London Heathrow with one of our partners:

  • Aberdeen
  • Belfast
  • Edinburgh
  • Glasgow
  • Manchester
  • Newcastle

What are the benefits?

Break up your journey to New Zealand – Even with our outstanding onboard service and fresh, innovative cuisine of New Zealand, you'll be forgiven for wanting to break up your journey. Take advantage of our unique stopover options and visiting another country for 24 hours or a few days is just our way of giving you more for your money.

We're the only airline to offer so many free stopover options when you're flying to New Zealand. Stopovers in North America and Asia are free, with the exception of Denpasar (Bali) and Honolulu, for a small fee of £300 for Economy, and £850 for Premium Economy and Business Premier tickets. 

Reassurance – All of your flights are conveniently booked on one ticket.

Value for money when exploring more of the world – Book with Air New Zealand to unlock many unique stopover options with Air New Zealand and our partner airlines, when flying from the UK to New Zealand.

There is no limit on the stopover period (beyond the standard 11 month booking window). It may change the cost of the total fare but the stopover itself is still free.

You get a free stopover in both directions - so you can go and come back by different routes; and see two new places. For example, you can fly London → Singapore → Auckland, then on the way home you can fly Auckland → Los Angeles → London. However, you're limited to one free stopover in each direction, there is a surcharge for additional stopovers. More options for UK departures are listed on our round the world itineraries page.

What's the difference between a transit and a stopover?

A transit – or layover – is typically when you don't leave the airport you've flown into, as you're catching a connecting flight. 

A stopover is where you spend the time waiting for your onward flight visiting an additional destination – so you leave the airport and visit the country you've flown into.

All standard bookings to New Zealand include a transit each way. There are currently no aircraft that can fly from the UK to New Zealand without at least one stop! However, stopovers must be booked through our multistop tool.

California dreamin' – a stopover in the City of Angels

Stopping over in LA

You might be in full holiday mode (or 'vacay', if you want to fit in with the Californians), but you still need to make sure you've ticked the right boxes to get into L.A. If you're transiting in the States, make sure:

  • You have an e-Passport that's valid for at least six months after you plan to leave the US.
  • The e-Passport must have a machine-readable zone on the photo page and be printed with a digital photograph.
  • You have the necessary visa if you're not valid for the ESTA (more on that below).

Flying to the US carries some additional security checks. Nothing to worry about; just keep the important paperwork to hand, including your passport and your destination address in the USA.

You can stay in the US for up to 90 days with an ESTA. Stay duration for visas will depend on your individual visa.

Transiting through LAX

If you're transiting through LAX, you'll still need to go through immigration, have a visa or ESTA, and passport details above still apply, but it'll be a faster process. Find out more about connecting at Los Angeles.

Top tip - When filling out your US arrival card, you'll need to put "IN TRANSIT" when asked what address you will be staying.

Read more information about US entry and transit requirements.

ESTA la vista, baby

Before you can book your table at the Beverly Hills Hotel and have brunch next to Jennifer Lawrence, you just need to make sure you apply for your visa. UK passport holders can apply for the ESTA visa waiver programme online. You should apply as soon as you know you're going to be stopping over or transiting though the United States, but the very latest it's recommended you wait is up to 72 hours before you're expected to fly.

What to expect from your visit

Sun-soaked beaches and star-studded streets give Los Angeles its universal popularity. From the mellowness of Malibu to the glamour of the Chateau Marmont, you can do L.A. your way. Whether that's getting a sweat on hiking up the hills – stopping to snap the ultimate Instagram in front of the Hollywood sign – or it's working out your credit card on Rodeo Drive, Los Angeles has something for everyone. A stopover in Los Angeles will make it clear how it got to be the city of angels – it's as close to heaven on earth as it gets.

Longing to explore Singapore?

Stopping over in Singapore

The most important thing to note is that as a stopover passenger, you're only allowed to enter and exit Singapore once during your stopover period.

British passport holders don't require visas for a stopover stay in Singapore lasting up to 30 days.

Transiting through Changi Airport and visas

If you're not planning on stopping over in Singapore, you won't need a visa to transit through Singapore's Changi airport. Changi airport is known as a destination in itself - which may sound peculiar, why would you only want to see an airport? Well, Changi airport is more like a luxury mall. With a Butterfly Garden, 24-hour food galleries (and we're talking more than just a fast-food hamburger), more shops than your bank balance could handle and an entertainment deck for all the family, even if you're just waiting for a connecting flight, your time won't be wasted.

What to expect from your visit

There's nowhere in the world quite like Singapore, a city alive with the dance of old-world dynasties colliding with the very best in modern innovation.

Thian Hock Keng temple - the oldest Chinese temple in Singapore dedicated to the Goddess of the Sea, Mazu -  was built in 1840 but just 10 minutes away in the Gardens by the Bay lie the opulent "supertrees" -  magnificent metal structures coated in 200 species of orchids, ferns, and other tropical plants.

Singapore being a global financial epicentre makes this city a more expensive location than other Asian destinations like Thailand, but it's worth it. Eat in Little India, visit the world-famous Singapore Zoo, soak up traditional Chinese life in Chinatown or find some bliss in the Botanic Gardens - a UNESCO World Heritage site home to over 1000 species of orchids.

You can't go wrong with Hong Kong

Stopping over in Hong Kong

British passport holders planning a stopover in Hong Kong can do so without a visa, and you can stay for up to six months if you're stopping over. If you're planning on staying longer, you'll need to apply for a visa.

Transiting through Hong Kong

When transferring through Hong Kong, you'll need to go through security screening before heading to the boarding gate of your onward flight.

Read more information about Hong Kong entry and transit requirements.

What to expect from your visit

East meets West in Hong Kong, fusing a frenetic London/New York style city pace with customs and culture coming from the East.

From family fun at Disneyland to spiritual solace at the still houses of Tai O, a stopover in Hong Kong is a rewarding, life-enhancing experience. Travel up Victoria Peak for indescribable views of the iconic skyline, delve into the mystery and history of monasteries and explore the culinary extravagance all around.

International signpost image courtesy of Venture Southland