Travel Guide: Things to do in LA

  • Live the high life on a shoestring. Enjoy the best of Los Angeles without paying blockbuster prices. 
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  • Stand-up comedy fan? We tell you the best places in LA to laugh. 
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  • Flying to Los Angeles and love music? We show you the best venues across the city and the type of music each offers. 
  • With pulsing big city lights, family-friendly amusement parks, and stark desert wilderness, you’ll find plenty to do only a quick drive or flight from LA. 
  • If you’re visiting LA and want to indulge in some shopping, we've got a run-down through the boutiques and malls that should be on your list. 
  • Los Angeles is the home of American cinema and we look back at some of its starring roles in Hollywood’s most famous movies 
  • From subways to fast buses, getting around Los Angeles has never been easier, find out more about travelling in the City of Angels. 
  • If you’re thinking about a trip to LA, let us introduce you to some of Los Angeles’ most iconic hotels. Including The Beverly Wilshire and The Shangri La. 
  • Love craft beers and brewery tours? Find out about the bubbling microbrewery scene in Los Angeles with our handy guide to local hops in the City of Angels. 
  • Our new map highlighting the most popular celebrity haunts in London and LA 
  • From culture to cuisine and everything in between, discover the best of both London and Los Angeles. 
  • California produces some of the world’s best wines. Take a look at our guide to Californian Vineyards.