Mishandled, lost or missing baggage

Occasionally, checked baggage can be delayed, damaged or misplaced. This page provides support and helpful information to find misplaced bags or report lost baggage.

Below you'll find our recommendations for a speedy resolution.

If your checked baggage didn't arrive

We're very sorry for the inconvenience. Please be reassured that our teams are working behind the scenes to reunite you with your bags. You can expect regular contact from us until we solve the problem.

If your bags were checked through for multiple flights and your final airline operator wasn't Air New Zealand, you'll need to contact the airline that operated your final flight.

Reporting a delayed or missing bag

Please complete and submit a delayed baggage report. Before you start the online process, you'll need the following information:

  • Your flight details
  • Baggage tag numbers or bag tag receipts
  • Your contact details (including an email address you can easily access)

Report delayed or missing baggage.

Based on the contact details you provide, we will contact you as soon as your baggage is located and, subject to customs and quarantine regulations, arrange for your baggage to be returned to you.

You may also elect to receive daily updates via SMS and/or email. Please ensure you provide the correct contact details including a valid mobile phone and/or email address. If your contact and/or delivery details have changed, please update your delayed baggage report. 

Reporting time limits

All delayed baggage must be reported within these time limits.

Domestic (no international connections):

  • At the latest within 30 days from when the checked baggage should have been available to collect


  • At the latest within 21 days from when the checked baggage should have been available to collect

For more details, please see our conditions of carriage.

Manage, view and update existing delayed baggage report

Using your report reference number, you can check the status of your baggage 24/7 with the online baggage tracing service.

When your baggage is found

We'll let you know as soon as your delayed baggage has arrived in Customs or at the baggage services office. Depending on where you are in relation to your found baggage, you may find it easier to collect the baggage from the airport rather than for us to arrange to get it to you. 

Help we can offer while you're waiting for your bags

If your baggage isn't returned to you within 24 hours and you are away from your home town, you may be entitled to emergency expenses.  For details, contact the relevant baggage services office or online baggage tracing service. If you have travel insurance, check your policy benefits.

What happens after five days

If your bag has not been found after five days, please provide us with any extra details you may remember and submit a claim. If your baggage is not located within 21 days, we will process the claim while continuing to search.

You should also contact your travel insurer. Air New Zealand's liability for lost baggage is limited by international conventions and the Carriage of Goods Act. Read our conditions of carriage.

Reporting damaged baggage

If your baggage has been damaged during your flight with us, please report it as soon as possible. We will do our best to guide you through the process.

If you're at the airport

If you've collected your bags from the baggage carousel and something is not quite right, you can report your damaged bag by visiting the baggage service desk upon arrival for assessment.

If you've left the airport

If you don't notice that your checked baggage has been damaged until you've left the airport, you can still report it. Any damaged baggage needs to be reported within our time limits.

You'll need to have these things ready:

  • Your contact and flight details
  • Photos of your baggage with the damage visible. Please leave baggage tags on your baggage

Reporting within four days:

If your flight arrived within the last 4 days, you can complete and submit a damaged baggage report online.

Reporting after four days:

If you miss the four-day window, don't worry, you can still report it. You need to fill out a damaged baggage claim form and email it to your nearest baggage services office. They'll help you raise the report and once it's in the system, you'll be able to manage your damaged baggage report online.

Reporting time limits

All damaged checked baggage must be reported within these time limits.

Domestic (no international connections):

  • At the latest within 30 days after you've collected your baggage


  • At the latest within 7 days after you've collected your baggage

Your claim will be assessed and processed according to the applicable liability limitations. For more details, please see our conditions of carriage.

Lost property

If you leave something on the plane or in the airline lounge

If you left an item in one of our lounges or on board our aircraft, complete our online lost property report.   

We'll make every effort to find your property. If required, a letter can be provided to support an insurance claim. Found items are held for one month. You'll need to confirm ownership and provide photo ID when you collect a lost item.

Once we've found your item, we will be in contact with instructions on how you can retrieve it.  

If you leave something at the airport

If you left an item at a gate or check-in or somewhere else in at the airport, please contact the relevant airport company.