Manage bookings

Want to review your flight details or make changes to your booking?

Review your booking

Retrieve your booking to view/print your itinerary online.

If you made your booking with Air New Zealand through our website or over the telephone you can view your booking online.

You can view your traveller details, the itinerary and payment summary. You can also cancel your booking if fare rules allow.

Get started by retrieving your booking.

Change a booking

You can change your international bookings online, subject to the following:

  • Flights must have been booked on and not be checked in
  • Multi-stop bookings and bookings containing a Skycouch cannot be changed online
  • Changes must apply to all travellers in the same booking

To change a domestic New Zealand booking, or if you cannot change your international booking online, please call us on 0800 028 4149. Please note that service fees will apply for changes made via the Contact Centre.

Change a booking

Cancel a booking

  • Business Class fares can be cancelled online up until departure.
  • Most Tasman, Pacific and New Zealand Domestic fares may also be cancelled online.
  • A booking must be cancelled in full, ie both the outbound and return flight.
  • A refund will be credited to the original form of payment you used to make the booking. Cancellation fees may apply.

If the booking is for more than one traveller, then the flights for all travellers will be cancelled. If you want to cancel the flights for only some of the travellers on your booking, please call 0800 028 4149 and have your ticket handy.

Cancel a booking