Flights to Queenstown

Thrill-seeker's paradise

Queenstown has everything that is spectacular and special about New Zealand: dramatic and picturesque landscape, a pioneering adrenaline-sports industry, and a friendly atmosphere that embodies the heart and soul of Kiwi life.

You can book with us and travel from London Heathrow or Manchester on our partner Singapore Airlines; flying to Singapore, onward to Auckland then Queenstown.


Routes to Queenstown

This is one of the most exhilarating destinations in New Zealand, so we have plenty of route options to get you there as quickly as possible. There are a variety of cities available to choose as your stopover, so you can tailor your journey depending on where else you want to visit on your travels!

Some of our possible routes include:

  • London - Los Angeles - Auckland - Queenstown
    (We take you all the way on this route)
  • London - Shanghai - Auckland - Queenstown
    (Virgin Atlantic gets you to Shanghai, where we pick you up for the rest of the journey)
  • London - San Francisco - Auckland - Queenstown
    (You fly with either Virgin Atlantic or British Airways to San Francisco, and we get you to Queenstown)
  • London - Hong Kong - Auckland - Queenstown
    (This journey can be done with a combination of Cathay Pacific, Virgin Atlantic, and us)
  • London - Singapore - Auckland - Queenstown
    (This route is serviced by Singapore Airlines and us)

Stopovers en route

Whether you fly to Queenstown via Los Angeles, Singapore, Hong Kong, or anywhere else, it can be so much more than a transit. A five-hour connection isn't long enough to go out and enjoy your surroundings, so consider a multistop booking to make your journey even more extraordinary.

Have a play around on our international multistop booking engine to see how you can tailor your trip. You can pick up to five different destinations to satisfy your travelling curiosities.

This is your holiday – why shouldn't it be exactly to your liking?

We know that every passenger is unique, and so we have a range of service classes to choose from to make your journey perfect for you. While some things come as standard for everyone who flies with us, there are optional extras available in the different packages if you want to enhance your experience with Air New Zealand.

You can expect to be well looked after when you journey with us, which includes a wide variety of entertainment options, great food, and attentive service from all our flight attendants. If you choose to fly in Premium Economy or Business Premier, then you can enjoy a heightened level of comfort in larger, individual seating areas, as well as more choice when it comes to your food.

Take a look at our onboard options to see which is best for you:

If you're flying in Economy but want to enjoy a bit more room to spread out, we have a Skycouch upgrade which will do the trick nicely. Your footrest will elevate to give you extra space, so whether you're travelling as a couple or a family you will have plenty of room to get comfortable on the journey.

Domestic flights to Queenstown

One of the southernmost travel destinations in the country, Queenstown is a beautiful spot for a getaway whether you are travelling from near or far. This town combines the calmness of nature with the thrill of adventure, so you'll find plenty to keep you entertained.

You can fly with us from 20 other destinations across both islands. Flying domestically with us is simple and easy, with flights every day at very affordable fares. Wherever you fly from, you can pick from four different options:

  • Seat (for the light traveller)
  • Seat + bag (for the times when carry-on isn't quite enough)
  • Flexi Time (for when you want the freedom to change your departure time at short notice)
  • Flexi Plus (for a completely flexible journey – anything is possible!)

Queenstown's reputation is always growing, so why not fly over and see what all the fuss is about?

Flights to Queenstown from Auckland

Most people when flying internationally into New Zealand usually start their trip in Auckland, in the north island. However, at some point you're going to want to visit the south island and the good news is that flights from Auckland to Queenstown are plentiful and regular.

Air New Zealand offers over 15 Auckland to Queenstown flights daily, 7 days a week. Flights are non-stop and only take around 1 hour 55 minutes.

Remember, if you don't intend to spend time in Auckland, then you're best to book your flight ticket to Christchurch and simply transit in Auckland. Rather than book your long haul flight to Auckland and internal Auckland to Queenstown flights separately. 

Your destination: Queenstown

When a town offers sights that will take your breath away - not to mention adrenaline sports and activities that definitely will – it's no surprise that visitors flock here in their thousands. Now, it's your turn to learn just how incredible Queenstown is.

Whichever season you visit, you will find a distinct look and feel to your surroundings, giving you a treat for all your senses. The colours of the landscape evolve throughout the year, and New Zealand's spectacular natural assets provide picture-perfect backdrops for your holiday snaps.

The blue waters of Lake Wakatipu look just as vibrant whether you see them from the comfort of a nearby vantage point or on a jet boat as you blast your way across the surface. Looking higher, the Remarkables mountain range proudly encircles the area, with the snowy peaks and rugged skyline for which New Zealand has become so well known.

Of course, the appeal of Queenstown goes far beyond how pleasing it is to the eye. This is the home of the bungy jump, and the adventure sports industry here is the best in the world. You can try your hand at some 200+ different activities here, giving you the ultimate choice of how to get your heart racing. In the air, on the water, or scaling the land, there are so many ways to experience Queenstown, and every visitor will find something to give you a truly once-in-a-lifetime thrill.

Thanks to this fast-paced love of adventure, the energy here is unmatched anywhere else in the country. This is the perfect destination for pushing your limits and redefining your idea of a comfort zone, but it's also extremely tranquil and soothing. Queenstown will let you unwind and let go of all your cares – how you achieve that is up to you.