Flights to Cook Islands - Rarotonga

Rarotonga has everything you want from a Pacific Island - white-sand beaches, calm lagoons, great places to eat and distinct cultural traditions that are part of everyday life.

Rarotonga Holidays

Seen from above, the island of Rarotonga is an oceanic artwork. It's delicately framed by a picture-perfect lagoon with white-sand beaches, embellished around the edges by palm trees and topped off by a high centre of volcanic mountains cloaked in rainforest. All the things you want in a South Pacific paradise are here.

A Rarotongan holiday offers a mix of vibrant, authentic island culture, opportunities for action and adventure, hiking, pony trekking, cultural tours, water sports of every kind - and a real commitment to the joys of relaxing.


Flights to Cook Islands - Rarotonga

There are a couple of options to fly to Rarotonga.

Stopover en-route to New Zealand. Departing from the UK or Europe with one of our partner airlines to Los Angeles, you'll then continue your journey to Rarotonga on Air New Zealand for some relaxing island life before you continue your travels onwards to New Zealand.

Or, we fly to Rarotonga non-stop from Auckland several times every week. Connections across our domestic network make it easy to access flights to Rarotonga from anywhere in New Zealand. The scheduled Auckland to Rarotonga flight time is just under four hours.


Important Information

All passengers that travel via Los Angeles International Airport, must be travelling on their own machine readable passports and complete the ESTA online form at least 72 hours prior to departure from the UK.

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