Extra Bag terms and conditions

Air New Zealand offers a free baggage allowance on most of its flights depending on the class of travel, type and size of bag and frequent flyer membership.

Additional bags may be accepted for carriage as excess baggage on the day of travel at the airport or confirmed at lower prepaid rates on the following conditions ("Extra Bags").

  • Extra Bags are only available on request on Air New Zealand ticketed and operated flights.
  • Extra Bags may be purchased at the time you book your flights or after the booking is made, up to 90 minutes prior to departure for international journeys and up to 30 minutes prior for domestic New Zealand journeys. Additional bags checked in at the airport that have not been prepaid will be charged at higher excess baggage rates
  • Extra Bags are not available to purchase for international multistop itineraries booked online
  • Subject to availability and capacity limitations, passengers may purchase up to two Extra Bags with a maximum overall baggage allowance of three pieces. This includes complimentary, frequent flyer benefits and prepaid baggage
  • Extra Bags can be purchased online when booking your flight or Manage Booking, through our Contact Centre, or through your travel agent
  • Extra Bags may be purchased for adults and children, excluding infants. A car seat and a buggy/stroller will be carried at no charge for infants
  • All checked baggage items are subject to the following size and weight limitations:
    1. Jet services: up to 23 kg per bag and total linear dimensions (length+width+height) of 158cm (62"). Sporting items up to 200cm (79") in length may be accepted on Jet services.
    2. Air NZ Link services (non jet domestic NZ services): up to 23 kg per bag and total linear dimensions (length+width+height) of 158cm (62"). Sporting items up to 180cm (71") in length may be accepted for carriage on Air NZ Link services.
  • Bags over 23 kg to a maximum of 32 kg, or which are larger than the total linear dimensions outlined above, may be accepted for carriage but will incur overweight/oversize charges. Sporting equipment between 2 and 2.5 metres carried on Jet services will be subject to oversize charges. Bags over 32 kg will not be carried on Air New Zealand flights
  • Your e-ticket itinerary must be presented at check-in as proof of prepayment for Extra Bags
  • Air NZ reserves the right to change the rates, terms and conditions of the Extra Bags product at any time prior to purchase with or without notice
  • All baggage is carried subject to Air New Zealand's Conditions of Carriage and baggage requirements. Passengers are required to comply with Air New Zealand's restrictions on prohibited and unacceptable items
  • Extra Bags are non-refundable except in the limited circumstance described in the Refunds section below

Changes to Extra Bags bookings

  • Extra Bags can be transferred, when changing an existing booking but cannot be transferred to a different booking or to other passengers

Combined Extra Bags allowance

  • Where two or more passengers have booked together and there is a pooled or grouped Extra Bags allowance, all members of the group are required to check-in together to ensure acceptance of Extra Bags at the prepaid rate. Failure to do so may result in additional excess baggage charges
  • Air New Zealand will credit refunds (if applicable) for Extra Bags within a group booking at its discretion and only back to the original form of payment
  • Refunds will not be made for changes of Extra Bag allocation between members in a group booking


  • Fees for Extra Bags will not be refunded if you:
    1. Cancel your flight;
    2. Change your mind and decide you no longer need Extra Bags;
    3. Have purchased (or someone else has purchased on your behalf) Extra Bags by mistake;
    4. have purchased an upgrade to a different class or fare or you have been involuntarily upgraded to a different class or fare, and as a result you no longer require Extra Bags due to an increased complimentary baggage allowance; or
    5. You have purchased a bag in contravention of any of these terms and conditions
  • Refunds will not be given for flight delays
  • Extra Bags fees are refundable:
    • If there is aircraft change, cancellation or flight disruption of an Air New Zealand flight and we are unable to carry your pre-purchased Extra Bags
    • If you have a fully refundable ticket and you wish to refund your ticket – in this case, we will refund both your ticket cost and the prepaid baggage cost. We will not refund the prepaid baggage cost if you do not seek a refund of your full ticket
    • Where your baggage cannot be carried due to operational, safety or security reasons of an Air New Zealand flight which are not within your control; or,
    • If we fail to deliver your Extra Bags
  • You have 14 days after the last flight in your itinerary to apply for a refund
  • Refund applications must be submitted online. If you do not have computer access, please phone the Contact Centre for help (this may incur a service fee). Refund applications cannot be processed at the airport or onboard
  • Air New Zealand will only make a refund to the same form of payment (e.g. credit card) used to pay for the Extra Bags
  • You may be eligible for a full refund of your Extra Bags fees if you cancel your flight within 24 hours of booking, provided that travel is at least 1 week (168 hours) before departure and you are flying to/from the USA