These terminals are self service in style, with easy to use check-in kiosks, a new bag drop area to place your own bags, and scanners for self-boarding at the gate.

And if you don't have any bags to check-in, you'll be able to go straight to the gate, scan your boarding pass and board your flight. All 22 of our domestic terminals now have scanners at the gate, so you can go straight to the gate if you're travelling without bags and have your travel documents with you.

Please remember to carry proof of identity with you as you may be required to present this at check-in. A driver's licence, passport, Airpoints or Koru card, credit card, birth certificate or Community Services Card are all suitable forms of identification. Remember for International travel you’ll need a valid passport and any applicable visas.

When to check in

Travelling with checked baggage?

If you have bags to check in you are required to be checked in and bags dropped off at least 30 minutes before the scheduled departure of your flight. If you check-in any later, your flight may already be closed and you will be required to transfer to the next available flight.

Travelling without checked baggage?

If you don't have any bags to check in, you are able to go straight to the gate to check in by scanning your ePass, Air NZ mobile app or the barcode on your electronic ticket and board your flight. Please be at the gate ready to board at least 20 minutes before your flight is due to depart. Customers arriving after this time will not be able to board flights that are ready to depart on time.

Connecting to an International flight?

If you are connecting to an international flight you are required to be checked in 60 minutes prior to the departure of your domestic flight.

Christchurch to Auckland: flight NZ90

If you're flying from Christchurch to Auckland on NZ90, you'll depart from the Christchurch International terminal. You are required to be checked in 60 minutes before departure at the international check-in counters.

All travellers including children and infants will need a valid form of photo identification for check-in and boarding (i.e. passport or drivers licence).

Please note that you will be subject to the LAGs restrictions and due to the flight arriving at the international terminal in Auckland Customs and MAF screening will apply.