Unaccompanied baggage

Air New Zealand Cargo accepts unaccompanied baggage (baggage shipped as cargo) on Air New Zealand operated international flights departing from Wellington and Christchurch.

If you want to bring more than three checked bags (including your fare allowance and Prepaid Extra Bags), or one or more checked bags exceed 32kg (70lb), you may be able to send your excess baggage as unaccompanied baggage.

The service is subject to availability, and unaccompanied baggage won't travel on the same aircraft as you. 

The information on this page applies to Air New Zealand operated flights. If your flight is operated by an Air New Zealand partner or code share airline, you'll need to contact Air New Zealand.

Prohibited and restricted items including, but not limited to, aerosols of any type, televisions, stereos, household items, machinery, machines or spare parts, money, securities, jewellery, watches, plate and plated ware, furs, films, cameras, tickets, documents, liquors, perfumes, merchandise and sales samples are not considered unaccompanied baggage.

Air New Zealand Cargo accepts strollers, pushchairs and hand tools of trade as unaccompanied baggage. For any lithium batteries or tools containing them, call Air New Zealand Cargo on +64 800 747 777 or email CSBookings@airnz.co.nz for more information.

From Wellington and Christchurch to all destinations

If you hold a passenger ticket to an international destination, Air New Zealand Cargo can offer you a discount off the normal cargo rate (does not include Niue, Samoa, Tonga, Shanghai and Narita).

Unaccompanied baggage rates are approx. 50% off the normal cargo rates (plus export clearance and customs processing fees). You may also need to pay customs clearance charges on collection at the destination.

To get a quote, call Air New Zealand Cargo on +64 800 747 777 or email CSBookings@airnz.co.nz at least 5 days before your travel.

Additional information for the United States

Air New Zealand Cargo can't accept foodstuffs, drinks and personal care products as unaccompanied baggage into the United States.

Trucking options are available within the United States.

From all destinations to New Zealand

Air New Zealand Cargo is unable to accept unaccompanied baggage into New Zealand. We recommend contacting a local freight forwarder that can help you ship your excess baggage as cargo.