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Increased Security Measures for US flights

The US Department of Homeland Security and Transportation Security Administration (TSA) has introduced additional security processes for all flights to the USA from 19 July this year. As an airline we must comply with these security measures, and this means some changes for our customers flying to the USA.

We recommend all customers travelling on US services allow extra time to complete check in, security and boarding requirements.

Customers travelling to the US will have their passports checked prior to entering the boarding gate, and some customers will also be asked to take part in additional security screening at this point.

Please ensure all of your devices, including those in your checked luggage, are fully charged prior to for your flight as you may be asked to switch them on during the security inspection. If your mobile phone, laptop, tablet, e-reader, camera or other devices cannot be switched on you may be asked to dispose of the item or be denied access to your flight.

Please note, Air New Zealand and the airports unfortunately don’t have facilities to store electronic devices and cannot take responsibility for any devices left behind.

Safety and security remain our highest priorities and we will be doing our best to minimise the impact of these changes for our customers.

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