Flight Attendants

We recruit Flight Attendants to provide exceptional inflight service for the welfare, comfort, enjoyment and safety of our passengers.

We aim to provide an inflight experience, which is better than our competitors and which consistently exceeds our customers' expectations.



Preferred Skills

About the Role


Career Path

Uniforms and Grooming

The position of Flight Attendant is one of prestige and immense responsibility. Whether it is on international or national services, our Flight Attendants are our front line staff who have the crucial responsibility of upholding our reputation in the eyes of the travelling public.

The philosophy for Air New Zealand inflight service is: "To be simply the best in the delivery of products and services to our customers, with a style flair and warmth that is unique to Air New Zealand."

Flight Attendant positions

London-based Flight Attendants
Our London base is solely for International Flight Attendants. We are a small team of around 140 crew flying between London and Los Angeles only. Recruitment is conducted according to operational demands. To be considered for the role you must be able to live and work legally and permanently in the UK. If you are interested in a flying role with us then please complete the online form below and send it back to us at ukrecruitment@airnz.co.nz. We keep applications on our database for 12 months.

London Based Cabin Crew Application Form (PDF download)


There is strong competition for relatively few vacancies, which may become available according to operational requirements. Unfortunately not all applicants will be interviewed. Applicants must meet the requirements as outlined below:

United Kingdom (UK) residency
Only permanent UK residents will be considered (including those born outside the UK who have a valid work visa for the UK).

The minimum age requirement is 18 years due to the Sale of Liquor Act amendment.

If successful with your application you will require a current passport. Airline crew are not permitted to operate on a Mainland China Passport.

Good health is essential and if you progress through the selection process, you will be required to undertake a medical examination with the Air New Zealand company doctor.

Applicants must be able to reach overhead emergency equipment and this will be specifically tested during the selection process. For safety reasons the acceptable height range is 160cm-185cm.

Your unaided vision must be sufficient for you to perform all Flight Attendant safety related duties in an emergency. If you wear glasses or contact lenses you will need to submit to an optometrist's report detailing the level of unaided vision.

Personal attributes
A warm, natural friendly personality with a strong sense of responsibility is essential. Flight Attendants must be able to deliver the service our customers value in a uniquely pacific way. Flight Attendants must have a practical and mature approach to all situations and be able to work well in a team environment. Communication skills are most important, along with the ability to deliver service in a relaxed and refined manner. Vitality, resourcefulness, enthusiasm and flexibility are also attributes we search for in candidates. Naturally, the ability to relate to all customers from a diverse range of cultures is a key prerequisite for this position.

Applicants with criminal convictions will not be considered and Airport Security and the Criminal Records Bureau screen all prospective employees.

Flying Experience
Flying experience as a passenger is essential for all applicants.


We have a minimum requirement of three years secondary education, with a preference for applicants who have successfully completed further education and/or any vocational study.

First aid
Prior to attending an Assessment Centre you need to hold a current First Aid Certificate (St. John's or Red Cross), obtained within the last six months. (First Aid Certificates are not required for registered nurses).

Swimming ability
Successful applicants will be required to demonstrate their ability to swim.

Preferred skills

Customer service
Our customers are our highest priority, therefore we seek to recruit Flight Attendants who have enjoyed working and who have excelled in customer contact positions.

The position will often involve meeting the requirements of guests with special needs, such as the elderly, children and infants, the sick and people with physical disabilities.

Service industry
As the position is one of service to the public, it is important for all applicants to have had part-time or full-time experience in the service industry. This could be restaurants, hotels, catering or other positions that involved a strong customer service focus.

About the role

The working schedule of a Flight Attendant is a busy one with the duty periods rostered up to 18 hours with extensions to 20 hours in a disruption situation. This job is of a physical nature including the lifting of heavy luggage and galley equipment.

Long night flights, time zone changes and extended periods on your feet are all aspects of the job which are physically tiring. Working through weekends and public holidays is often required.


Applicants may apply for direct entry to the International Airline. All Flight Attendants are based in London. Following acceptance for the position of Flight Attendant, a 5 week training course is undertaken in London. Material covered during initial training includes emergency procedures, customer care and service delivery, aircraft and equipment knowledge, products and services training including duty free bar sales and image and presentation.

To successfully complete the 5-week training course high standards must be attained and maintained in all subjects. Assessments of all practical and written work will be carried out throughout the course and an outline of levels to be achieved will be available at commencement of the course. On going training is given to further develop the skills and career path of Flight Attendants.

Career path

Upon graduation from training, a Flight Attendant becomes a Flight Attendant Pacific Class whose main duties will be to provide inflight service to customers in the Pacific cabins of the aircraft. Inflight performance reviews are carried out regularly to ensure standards continue to be met. Flight Attendant Pacific Class can apply, and will be selected on merit to operate as a Flight Attendant Premium Service. In this position a Flight Attendant is responsible for providing service to our Premium guests.

A Flight Service Manager is responsible for the overall service delivery as well as conducting performance reviews of the Flight Attendants. The Flight Service Manager is deputised and support by an Inflight Service Co-ordinator.

Both these positions are selected from Flight Attendants who display a strong sense of customer service, leadership and business acumen.

Uniforms and grooming

All uniforms are provided and Flight Attendants are expected to maintain all the company's grooming and uniform regulations. A high standard of presentation in uniform is expected at all times. A Flight Attendant's personal presentation and grooming should reflect a professional, sophisticated image for the Airline. The first impression of a Flight Attendant should always convey a friendly, natural, pleasant personality possessing confidence and warmth.