Children travelling alone terms and conditions


You declare that you are the legal guardian or are authorised by the legal guardian of the child travelling alone named in the booking and:

  • You agree to and request that the child travels alone
  • You certify that the information provided in the booking is accurate

You confirm that the child travelling alone will not require special services such as toileting, feeding and administration of special medication or has an allergy or medical condition that has not already been notified to Air New Zealand. Where you have given special instructions when booking, you acknowledge that while Air New Zealand will make reasonable efforts to carry out such instructions, Air New Zealand shall have no liability for doing so, or for failing to do so.

You confirm that you can be contacted at any time on the telephone number(s) listed in the booking without delay while the child named is in Air New Zealand's care.

In relation to drop off persons and person meeting the child at the destination and/or transit point, and if you nominate someone other than yourself to receive children travelling alone SMS text message updates on the child's journey, you confirm that you have that person's consent to share their phone number with Air New Zealand and have Air New Zealand contact them in relation to the child's travel.

On the day of travel

You confirm that you have arranged for the drop off person to remain at the airport until the flight has departed; and the person meeting the child travelling alone at the destination and/or transit point, to be at the airport by the scheduled arrival time of the flight.  The drop off person and persons meeting the child at the destination and/or transit point must have photo identification with them.

Should the child not be met at the transit point or destination or Air New Zealand not satisfied with that person's identification, you authorise Air New Zealand to take whatever action they consider reasonably necessary to ensure the child's safe custody including return of child to the airport of departure, and agree to indemnify and reimburse Air New Zealand for the costs and expenses incurred by them in taking such action.

You certify that the child is in possession of all travel documents (passport, visa, health certificate, etc.) required by applicable laws.

You understand that Air New Zealand does not offer a handover service to/from other airlines, so you will arrange for delivery and collection of my child/children before and after all Air New Zealand flights.

On aircraft where Air New Zealand provides back of seat in-flight entertainment (IFE), the parental lock will be selected at the unaccompanied child's seat so that the child cannot view programmes that are restricted to an older audience. You acknowledge that Air NZ will not be responsible for unauthorised access by the child of restricted programmes. You also acknowledge that viewing of programmes on other passenger's personal screens and/or the main screen in the cabin cannot be prevented, and Air NZ accepts no responsibility for any footage or audio viewed or heard by the child.

You hereby empower and grant to Air New Zealand permission to provide and/or authorise medical treatment for the child travelling alone if the child needs immediate medical treatment while in Air New Zealand's care. You understand that prior to medical treatment (excluding emergency medical treatment) being provided to the child, Air New Zealand will use its reasonable efforts to contact the parent/guardian on the telephone number listed at the time of booking. You agree to indemnify and hold harmless Air New Zealand and any other persons who act in reliance upon this authorisation.


You certify that the child's baggage contains no item that:

  • Is prohibited from entry into the country of destination
  • Is in contravention of Air New Zealand's condition of carriage
  • Is dutiable

You understand that Air New Zealand cannot undertake to safeguard nor will Air New Zealand be responsible for any valuables the child may be carrying.


Please refer to fare conditions on your e-ticket for cancellation and refund rules.