Air New Zealand's Lounges and other applicable partner airline lounges are a great place to relax or get some extra work done before your Air New Zealand and applicable Partner airline flights.

Koru membership rates are below. Just select payment by Airpoints Dollars™ when you're in the online registration form. Payment can be made with Airpoints Dollars or credit card, but not a combination of both.

Membership Options - Airpoints Dollars™ (Airpoints logo)
Membership Type Joining Fee* One Year Two Years Five Years
Individual $255 $580 $1,025
Senior Membership $255 $430 $700
Partner Renewal Membership** N/A $385 $675 N/A

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All prices are in New Zealand Dollars and are GST inclusive.
*A joining fee is applicable for new Koru membership or to renew a membership after 1 month of expiry.
**New partner membership (for partners of Airpoints™ members) is no longer available. You may renew an existing partner membership but it must match the Airpoints member's Koru membership renewal period.