The Art of Los Angeles

Paint the town red. Discover the art and soul of L.A.

An art lovers’ guide to Los Angeles

It dazzles with its sunny climate, wide public spaces and extravagant buildings but Los Angeles gets its unique look from its art – both in galleries and outdoors. When booking your next flight to LA, set aside some time to sample the colours and tones of The Big Orange.

LA Art festivals

If you like seeing artists at work, Los Angeles also has a range of street art festivals throughout the year.

The Pasadena Chalk Festival, held every June is a great way of seeing the neighbourhood’s streets used as a canvas. Art Share L.A. in the Arts District is a 28,000-square foot warehouse that serves as a live and work space for local artists. As well as the building’s exterior playing host to artwork by Insa; a renowned international street artist from London, the space holds regular live events, competitions and pop-up art festivals.

Street art in Los Angeles

Los Angeles also has a long list of impressive murals and etched walls to keep you amazed while you roam its streets. A great example of this is Belgian artist ROA's black and white, furry or skeletal creatures which may be lurking just around the next corner.

You’ll have to be speedy and have your cameras at the ready as Los Angeles street art is often quick to disappear or get transformed.

Apart from iconic artworks such as the Hollywood sign and its legendary graffiti culture,  another feature of L.A. includes architecture that often doubles-up as works of art.

Everything from the Petersen Automotive Museum to Frank Gehry’s Binoculars Building can be considered art-worthy.

Museums and galleries in Los Angeles.

The beauty of L.A. is its great mix of districts and neighbourhoods. And to this you can add an impressive range of museums, galleries and pop-up art spaces.

For a mixture of international and local artists spanning different art periods and generations, The Broad Museum (pictured below) and the Museum of Contemporary Art are great start off points.

Although not as prestigious, Hauser & Wirth is another art space well worth the trip. Everything from paintings by Joan Miro to artist-curated exhibitions can be found here at this Little Tokyo-based gallery.

To discover more leftfield artwork, head to The Good Luck Gallery. Founded in 2014 by Paige Wery, former publisher of Artillery art magazine, this space is a hub for self-taught artists to exhibit their work via the mediums of sculpture, paintings and installations.

Art tours

When it comes to art, it’s often a case of different strokes for different folks. If you fancy tailoring your art experience to suit your tastes, why not take an art tour? There are many that cater to museums, galleries, street art or all three meaning you can make the most of your time and finances.

Downtown Art Walk offer mural, gallery and private tours. Their walks take place throughout the year and are affiliated with nearly 50 galleries in Los Angeles and surrounding areas.

For a more local touch, check out L.A. Art Tours. As well as guided excursions around the Los Angeles art scene, the tour also gets you access into artist’s lofts and studios and they’re usually privy to secret art showcases and private events.