Discover New Zealand

We’ve teamed up with Singapore Airlines to bring you the fastest route to New Zealand.

New Zealand is a land of majestic scenery, fascinating history and vibrant culture. Everything is close by and the journeys in between enriched by spectacular scenery and endless hidden delights. From beautiful beaches, hiking trails and adventure activities to vibrant cities and delicious cuisine, there is no better place to spend your holiday than in New Zealand.

Getting there

Getting there from the UK has never been quicker, easier or more enjoyable. Your luggage will be checked the whole way through from the UK to New Zealand, you'll enjoy a seamless transit in Singapore and once you're onboard, we're talking top-notch chefs, stellar wine, a wealth of inflight entertainment and cabins so comfortable you won’t want to disembark.

Fly from either London Heathrow or Manchester to Singapore and onward to Auckland, Christchurch or Wellington. On arrival, there's 21 destinations across New Zealand so you can easily explore both islands.


Stopping in Singapore


When travelling to New Zealand via Singapore you can stopover for free. Make the most of your time there with the Singapore Stopover Holiday programme. It gives you access to a great selection of 3- or 4-star hotels and a choice of 15 top attractions, plus free airport transfers and free rides on the Singapore Airlines Hop-on Bus. Once you've explored Singapore properly, continue your journey to New Zealand.

To book your Singapore stopover, visit our multistop booking page to plan your itinerary.

What to expect onboard

Experience our new 787-9 Dreamliner when flying from Singapore to Auckland. You'll find new, larger windows bathe the cabin in natural light and offer breath-taking views of the continents below. Within the cabin, cleaner, fresher air, higher humidity and a lower cabin altitude help you arrive at your destination feeling wonderfully refreshed. All while remarkable fuel efficiency reduces the impact on the planet.

And you can begin your New Zealand holiday from the moment you board – sit back and relax with our selection of award-winning New Zealand wines, fresh New Zealand inspired menus, fantastic inflight entertainment and our excellent crew - helpful and professional, and renowned for their uniquely Kiwi service.


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