The most romantic places in LA

With all due respect to singer, style icon and all-round legend Tina Turner, love has PLENTY to do with it – and if you’re looking to turn your Hollywood holiday into a real-life romcom, we’ve got you covered.

Luckily all you lovebirds can rest your wings – Air New Zealand offer a better way to fly to Los Angeles. But here’s how to plan a dreamy date night that’ll leave you seeing stars if you’re lucky enough to find yourself in L.A. with your bae.

Most romantic restaurants in LA

L.A.’s food and drink scene is unparalleled – from breaking trends that the world clambers to copy to redefining the classics, you and your loved one will have your pick of world-class destinations for date night.

Geoffrey’s Malibu

Fancy a serving of surfs-up views with your slap-up meal? Geoffrey’s Malibu takes pride of place atop the Malibu hillside, complete with a flower-filled patio overlooking the Pacific.

Candlelit dining, sweeping ocean views and the sound of the waves rolling down below make for a date night plucked straight from the movies.

Spire 73

One of the newest - and best - rooftop restaurants in Los Angeles, Spire 73 at the Intercontinental Hotel will take your love to new heights.

Enjoy a cocktail overlooking Downtown LA before heading to the 70th floor for a fine dining experience at La Boucherie.

Spago, Beverly Hills

If you and your significant other’s idea of romance involves a lot of glitz and even more glamour, reserving a spot at Spago will add a heaping of luxury to your love.

Spago is celebrated chef Wolfgang Puck’s flagship restaurant, and since its opening in 1982 it has become a permanent fixture for the tastemakers of Los Angeles.


A coveted spot on the stunning brick patio, complete with lit up twinkling trees and the warm twilight glow of candle-filled fireplaces, come together to make the perfect recipe for an unforgettable date night.  

Prizon Bar, Koreatown

Fancy testing the sense of humour of your old ball and chain? Why not explore one of L.A’s quirkier eateries – it’s the best bars none… prison bars, that is.

Prizon Bar is the sort of place you could say “you just had to be there” for the rest of your life. Decorated with jail-themed interiors, including fake prison bars, metal fencing, and black light murals, the place fortunately serves up a much nicer Asian fusion menu.

Most romantic places in LA

In a place full of creativity and innovation, you can do much more than your standard dinner date. If you want to get out and about, where else can you follow Cupid’s Arrow?

Land on cloud nine

"You want the moon? Just say the word and I'll throw a lasso around it and pull it down. Hey. That's a pretty good idea. I'll give you the moon."

The romantic gesture of George Bailey in It’s a Wonderful Life is (almost) achievable at Griffith Observatory, one of the most famous buildings in Los Angeles. Look up and out to the stars and beyond at this observatory sitting up high on Mount Hollywood, LA’s gateway to the heavens.

Connect with the cosmos through the telescopes and then come back down to earth to catch the sprawling scenic view across all of Los Angeles.

Bring a picnic basket for a spectacular sunset and witness the nightlife of LA spring to life for some quality time that will feel truly out of this world.

Catch a movie

We know, how basic. Date night at the movies. But this, the birthplace of Hollywood as we know it, of course gives a night at the movies a much bigger Blockbuster appeal.

Hollywood Forever – Grab a blanket, put together a snack basket and head to… a cemetery. This graveyard isn’t where relationships go to die, though. Teaming up with Cinespia, you can catch a classic movie shown under the stars in one of the most atmospheric settings imaginable.

Paramount Drive-in Theatres – Netflix and chill? A pale imitation of the original. Steam up the windows at the drive-in in a classic ode to American teenagers of yesteryear at an authentic drive-in theatre. Watch (or don’t watch, wink wink) the latest releases or catch a special screening of a classic and channel your best Danny and Sandy impression.   

Diamonds are a girl’s (or guy’s) best friend

Some show their love by remembering small details – asking how that stressful meeting was, cooking dinner on a hectic evening – for others, love comes gift-wrapped.

If your loved one deserves something a bit special, whisk them off to Beverly Hills. You can’t spell romance without Ro(deo Drive). From designer boutiques to the finest jewellery stores, you’ll be sure to find a keepsake that’ll keep this trip in your memory forever.  

Rodeo Drive is where Clueless’ Cher realised she was in love with Josh, and where Richard Gere first started falling for Julia Roberts in Pretty Woman so it would be a big mistake – HUGE – to miss out.

Hit all the right notes

If music be the food of love, play on at any one of the note-perfect destinations on our musical map of Los Angeles.

Take a stroll               

A walk in the beach makes getting romance right a walk in the park in Los Angeles. Whether it’s soaking up the rays in the daytime or enjoying the sounds and starry skies of Venice by night, taking a walk down the famous canals – man-made to recreate the vibe of the original Venice – is a romantic way to whittle away the hours.

Stop for a selfie at the colourful Dell Avenue bridges for a real 'wish you were here' moment.

Keep on walking and head towards Santa Monica Pier, one of LA's best beaches, for some good-old fashioned fun that could come straight from The Notebook. Get some candyfloss or a hot dog, climb aboard the Ferris Wheel and see out the day with your feet in the ocean.