L.A. food guide

Feeling peckish? Take a peek at our guide to Los Angeles' cultural food spots.

Chowing down in Los Angeles

The English poet William Cowper is often credited with saying “variety is the spice of life, that gives it all its flavour”. When it comes to food in L.A, this couldn’t be truer. On your next trip to Los Angeles, discover the city’s cultural influences through its restaurants and food trucks to get a real taste of La-La-Land.

Out of Africa

L.A. does Ethiopian food in abundance. Typically a mix of spicy fish and meat, vegetables, thick stews and injera (classic sourdough flatbread) – Ethiopian dishes are best eaten with your hands and washed down with traditional honey wine, tej or talla; a home-brewed beer.

Many Ethiopians fast every Wednesday and Friday until 3pm, and the two months before Easter. During these times eating animal products is avoided so it’s worth noting that most Ethiopian restaurants won’t serve any either.

Healthy and hearty in equal measure, Ethiopian restaurants are a hit with both vegans and vegetarians alike.

Restaurant: Lalibela

Food truck/market stall: Azla Ethiopian Vegan

A taste of the Asiatic

From Little Tokyo down to Koreatown, Asian food is at the beating heart of Los Angeles cuisine. While rice and noodle-based dishes may automatically spring to mind, L.A.’s Asian restaurants are at the forefront of fusing flavours of the Orient with food from all over the world.

That’s everything from ramen burgers to Vietnamese pâté to name but a couple of items that are causing a stir in most kitchens in Los Angeles.  

Restaurant: Baroo

Food truck/market stall: 626 Night Market

Latin American gusto

Already an eclectic mix of many cultures, Latin American cuisine unsurprisingly has a little bit ofeverything. Historically, latino neighbourhoods were situated in places like Boyle Heights, East L.A. and Maywood but nowadays its food influences can be found all over Los Angeles.

Sample delicacies like Brazilian feijoada or an arepa from neighbouring Venezuela and eat your way around a whole vast continent.  

Restaurant: The Empanada Factory

Food truck/market stall: Guerrilla Tacos

The zest of Europe

With so many varieties of food to choose from, Europe’s offering to the Los Angeles food landscape comes in many shapes and forms. If you’re looking for something a little off-radar then you should try Armenian cuisine.

Outside the country itself, Los Angeles has the largest number of Armenians anywhere in the world. And L.A. can thank this migration for bringing with it a blend of Europe and the middle east and, introducing dishes like khash and gomgush to the city’s palette.

Restaurant: Chicken Al-Wazir

Food truck/market stall: Papillon Bakery

A splash of the Oceanian

Los Angeles’ Hawaiian population may be small compared to other communities but it still manages to pack a punch in the kitchen. Making the most out of limited resources typifies Hawaiian cuisine, however that hasn’t stopped their dishes offering choice and taste.

Whether it’s a signature loco moco dish or manapua buns, in Los Angeles you can sample the best of island life without leaving the big city.

Restaurant: Rutt’s Café

Food truck/market stall: The Street Social House

All American comforts

After taking in all the international munchies Los Angeles has to offer, you might be left with space for something invented a little closer to home. Look no further than The Dodger Dog.

Sold in either steamed or grilled form, this L.A. staple was created at Dodger Stadium, home of the baseball team the L.A. Dodgers.

Restaurant: My Two Cents

Food truck/market stall: Son of a Bun

Honourable mention

All adventurous foodies shouldn’t leave Los Angeles without heading to the Jogasaki Sushi Burrito food truck. As the name implies JSB specialise in combining Japanese and Mexican food, with the centre piece being the sushi burrito.

In the age of posting your meals on social media, don’t miss out on the chance of snapping and biting into one of these beauties.