International travel requirements

Last updated 20 September 2021

When international restrictions impacting travel to and from New Zealand are announced, we work through what this means for our schedule and our customers. Our travel alerts page is updated with the latest information as it becomes available.

International travel has changed. There are extra steps to take before you fly to your destination and before your return journey.  You can get prepared and find the updated requirements for your trip here.

 Key things to do for international travel during COVID-19

Travel requirements for your destination

Keeping you safe while travelling

Physical distancing - Physical distancing is required at the airport and while boarding. Each airport may have different rules so we ask you to follow all crew instructions.

Wearing face coverings - All passengers are required to wear a face-covering before reaching their boarding gate and on our flights. You are welcome to wear your own face-covering. We will also have masks available.

Cleanliness - High touch surfaces are cleaned regularly, and we take extra steps to ensure all our aircraft, lounges and airports are frequently cleaned. Hand sanitiser is readily available.

International travel requirements FAQs

Can my children travel as unaccompanied minors?

Can I travel to or from New Zealand with my pet?

What if I want to travel but postpone to a later date?

Will all your Lounges be open?