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At Air New Zealand we love Los Angeles, it’s an amazing place for a holiday. That’s why we make sure you have the best flight over from London.

Don’t believe us? We thought we’d ask some American actors what they thought about the Air New Zealand experience, in their best British accent!

So, let’s tell you a little more. We fly daily from London Heathrow to Los Angeles; the flight leaves late afternoon from Terminal 2: The Queen’s Terminal and lands at Los Angeles International early evening. Perfect timing to grab a bite and get some sleep, you’ll wake up the next morning relaxed and refreshed, ready to enjoy LA.

And we don’t like to blow our own trumpet but, we’ve been awarded Airline of the Year for the fourth consecutive year by We pride ourselves on our innovative onboard product (check out our Economy Skycouch™), our inflight menus, New Zealand wine selection and entertainment, and of course our crew, they’re a friendly, warm, welcoming and down to earth bunch and they never stop looking for new ways to bring you a better way to fly.

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