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Love hiking? Discover the great outdoors of Los Angeles on foot.

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Los Angeles’ vast layout and natural geography make it a hiker’s paradise. If you’re booking a flight to LA, make sure to set aside some time on your trip to get away from the bustle of downtown and escape into nature. Here’s a run-down of the best hiking spots and trails LA has to offer.

Solstice Canyon

Located within the Santa Monica Mountains National Recreation Area, the Solstice Canyon caters to many tastes. If architectural ruins are your thing, look out for the remains of the Roberts Ranch House and step back into a different Los Angeles era.

There’s also the waterfall, ideal spots for a picnic and of course, the hiking trails. From advanced hiking to introductory routes, there’s plenty of ground to cover no matter your level. 

455 Solstice Canyon Road,
CA 90265.

The Sara Wan Trailhead at Corral Canyon

Another gem situated in Malibu, the Sara Wan Trailhead combines ocean views with lush greenery and amazing views of Santa Monica’s best beaches. A notoriously family, time and pet-friendly hike, enjoy the sea breeze and let it carry your thoughts away.

One unique feature of Corral Canyon is it’s the only undeveloped canyon in the Los Angeles area that still flows freely into the ocean.

5623 Pacific Coast Highway.

Echo Mountain

One of only a few 24-hour hikes in Los Angeles, Echo Mountain or Mount Echo (part of the Sam Merrill Trail) is a popular choice for night and day hikers alike.

As well as the panoramic views of the Hollywood basin, on top of the mountain sits what’s left of the White City – a one-time resort that housed the white funicular carriages that once went up and down the mountain.

The resort was also the setting for Echo Mountain House hotel which also now sits in ruins. Keep an eye and an ear out for the “echo phone”. Once you locate it, have a shout into it and listen to why and where the mountain gets its name.

3302 Lake Avenue,
CA 91001.

Sturtevant Falls

The Sturtevant Falls is a tropical mix of waterways and low hanging trees meaning you get the feeling of being hidden away in a nature reserve. There are plenty of hiking opportunities and of course, the waterfall itself which is 50-foot high.

This trail is especially ideal for beginners and with the beautiful and peaceful scenery to keep you company, completing the trek is made easier.

Chantry Flat Road,
CA 91006.

Bridge to Nowhere

With its quirky name, the Bridge to Nowhere is a popular hiking spot all year round. The hike to the bridge is around 10 miles and involves crossing several rivers in the process. Despite the multi-terrain hike, the views from the bridge and its unique history make it well worth putting your walking boots on.

While the name suggests a dead-end hiking destination, it actually links the San Gabriel Valley to the Wrightwood region of California.

Sheep Mountain at East Fork Road,
CA 91702.