Air New Zealand promo and voucher codes

Air New Zealand only provides promo or voucher codes directly to it's customers. We do not provide promo or voucher codes to third party websites such as voucher code sites, in the UK or Europe.

Frequently asked questions

How can I receive a promo or voucher code from Air New Zealand?

We do on occasion provide promo codes through our direct communications, such as our special offer or post-flight emails, or through The Extra Mile programme.

I have seen Air New Zealand promo or voucher codes offered by third party websites, are they legitimate?

No. Air New Zealand only offers promo codes directly to our customers, in the UK and Europe.

How do I use a promo code if I receive one from Air New Zealand?

When you come to our site and make a flight search, you can add your promo code at this stage in our fare finder. Your discount will then be automatically removed from the displayed price in the flight search results. You can see how much you've saved in the 'view details' section.

Please note: all promo codes must be added at the start of your flight search. It is not possible to add a promo code once you have reached our purchase page.

Can I only get a flight deal with Air New Zealand if I have a promo code?

No. We regularly have promotional fares available to all our customers on our website. The best way to keep informed about our latest offers is to sign up to our special offers database.

Why am I getting an error when I enter a promo code in my flight search?

There are several different situations when you will see an error message after entering a promo code. These could be:

  • The promo code is not a legitimate promo code. This will be the case if you found the code on a third party website.
  • The promo code is not applicable for the flight itinerary you've selected
  • The promo code is not applicable for the travel dates you've selected
  • The promo code is not applicable for the cabin class that you've selected
  • The promo code is not applicable for the number of passengers selected

Each promo code that Air New Zealand provides will come with specific terms and conditions for that code. Please check the terms and conditions to see if your flight search matches the conditions of the promo code.