We can also offer many unique stopover options using our partner airlines from London Heathrow to an Air New Zealand Gateway point and then on to New Zealand. Imagine shopping in Hong Kong, bungee jumping in Queenstown, snorkelling in the Cook Islands and spending a day or two exploring the Los Angeles theme parks. Well that's exactly what travelling Round the World is all about.

Example itineraries for your round the world tickets

Below are a few example itineraries to help inspire you.

Our booking system allows you to fly into one city and out of another or finish your trip in a different city than you started, with our British Airways domestic connections from London Heathrow. 

London - Hong Kong - Auckland - Los Angeles - London

Edinburgh - Los Angeles - Cook Islands - Sydney - Auckland - Shanghai - London

Manchester - San Francisco - Queenstown - Auckland - Tokyo - Manchester

Dublin - Hong Kong - Cairns / make your own way / Melbourne - Auckland - San Francisco - Dublin

How many stopover options can I choose on my round the world ticket?

When travelling to New Zealand and/or Australia you can choose from 4 Asia stopover points (Hong Kong, Shanghai, Singapore or Tokyo); 2 USA stopover points (Los Angeles or San Francisco), 1 Canada stopover point (Vancouver), and 3 Pacific Island* stopover points (The Cook Islands, Fiji or Tahiti). Australia and other Pacific islands can be added for a supplement.

* Up to an additional £175 per stopover on the base fare

How do I book round the world flights?

Booking is easy. Simply visit the Multistop booking page and build your itinerary.

You're under no obligation to purchase until you enter your credit card details and confirm your requirements on the Purchase Tickets page. If you have questions at any stage of the booking process, just look for the 'help' link.

For detailed pricing and fare rules please see the information during the booking process.

Please note: multistop bookings are only currently bookable on our desktop site: airnewzealand.co.uk

Star Alliance Round the World Fares

For more information visit our Star Alliance round the world fares page.