Even before you have made your way to the airport we like to thank you for choosing to fly with Air New Zealand through a selection of booking privileges.

Recognition Upgrades
Elite Short Haul Recognition Upgrades
Elite Airpoints Dollars Upgrades
OneUp upgrades
No Airpoints Dollars™ expiry - Elite and Gold
Gift recipients - Elite and Gold
Discounted Business Class award fares
Elite Partner card
Elite threshold gifts
Complimentary Frequent Flyer seating
Priority wait-listing

Recognition Upgrades

If you are a Silver, Gold or Elite member you will receive Recognition Upgrades which allow you to request a one-class, one-sector upgrade to use in your membership year as part of your tier benefits.

To improve your chances of having your upgrade confirmed it’s best to request a Recognition Upgrade at the time you book or at least 7 days before your flight as this allows us to fully assess your request prior to departure and before OneUp upgrades are considered.

When will the confirmation of my Recognition Upgrade take place?
Elite Up to 355 days prior to the scheduled flight time if upgrade classes are available
Gold Up to 6 days prior to the scheduled flight time after Elite upgrades are confirmed
Silver Up to 6 days prior to the scheduled flight time after Elite and Gold upgrades are confirmed

Upgrades are subject to limited upgrade class availability and the availability of unsold seats (some seats are held for commercial sale right up to the point of departure). They may only be used on Air New Zealand ticketed and operated flights.

High load factors may prevent us from confirming Recognition Upgrades in advance of travel. If this is the case, Elite, Gold and Silver upgrade requests will be prioritised for any remaining seats on these flights at the airport by order of tier status.

Elite members may gift their Recognition Upgrades to a family member or friend if they wish. All you need to do is add your family member or friend to your gifting register and then follow the simple steps. Simply sign in to your online Air New Zealand account and go to My Benefits to access the Gifting Register to do this.

A Member's Recognition Upgrades are valid for the 12 month period from their qualification or requalification date into the applicable Tier Status. If during that time the Member upgrades to a higher Tier Status, any unused Recognition Upgrades for the lower Tier Status will automatically expire on the date that the higher Tier Status becomes effective.

You can see how many Recognition Upgrades you have available and request to use a Recognition Upgrade online. Just sign in to your Air New Zealand account to view this.

Elite Short Haul Recognition Upgrades

Elite members receive one Elite Short Haul Recognition Upgrade each membership year that they are an Elite member. These can each be used for one cabin class upgrades on short haul routes between New Zealand and Australia or the Pacific Islands (this does not include medium haul flights to Perth, Honolulu, Bali or between Sydney and Rarotonga).

Like other Recognition Upgrades Elite Short Haul Upgrades are subject to specific booking class availability, aircraft capacity control and catering and are not guaranteed. They may only be used on Air New Zealand ticketed and operated flights. They may also be gifted to member on your gifting register. These upgrades are valid for the 12 month period from their qualification or requalification date into the Elite Tier Status. You can view and request to use your Elite Short Haul Recognition Upgrades in your Air New Zealand account.

Elite Airpoints Dollar Upgrades

Elite members can request Elite Airpoints Dollars Upgrades using Airpoints Dollars at fixed rates. Elite Airpoints Dollars Upgrades will only be available to upgrade one class, from Economy to Premium Economy or Premium Economy to Business Premier. If the applicable flight only offers Economy class and Business class your upgrade will move you from Economy into Business class.

Elite members are able to request Elite Airpoints Dollar Upgrades with Airpoints Dollars at the current Airpoints Dollar values.

OneUp upgrades

To purchase an upgrade using Airpoints Dollars, Airpoints Elite, Gold and Silver members can place an offer for an upgrade using cash or Airpoints Dollars through our OneUp platform and as a special thank you we will upweight your offers by the following amount:

  • Elite - 50%
  • Gold - 30%
  • Silver - 10%

No Airpoints Dollars expiry

Your Airpoints Dollars will not expire while you retain Elite or Gold status. Should you move below Gold status, you will have until your next anniversary of joining to use any Airpoints Dollars that would otherwise expire. If your next anniversary falls within two months of you moving below Gold status you will have a full two months to utilise these Airpoints Dollars.

Gift recipients

In addition to the household gifting rules, Elite and Gold members have an exclusive opportunity to gift rewards to nominated friends or family members each year. These people do not have to live in the same household or be Airpoints members. Elite members are able to nominate an additional four people, and Gold members an additional two people. To register your giftees, sign in to your Air New Zealand account, and choose Gifting Register under My Profile.

Discounted Business Class award fares

A special allocation of discounted Long Haul Business fares are available in limited quantities. These fares are also available for Koru members.

Elite Partner card

If you are an Elite member you can nominate a family member or friend to become an Elite Partner. They will enjoy many of the same exclusive privileges you do when travelling on Air New Zealand operated flights, even if you are not travelling together. With their Elite Partner card, your partner will enjoy: access to Air New Zealand owned and operated lounges (with one guest except for Koru Express where no additional guests are permitted) and our partner lounges, premium check-in, additional baggage allowance, priority airport standby, priority boarding and priority baggage claim. To register your Elite Partner, sign in to your online account and nominate your partner on My Benefits.

Please note that your Elite Partner pack will be sent to your registered address, and we ask that you pass this on to your nominated partner. Nominated partners do not need to reside at the same address as the nominating Elite member. Elite Partners can be changed each year prior to the retain tier taking effect. To make this change please call the Air New Zealand Contact Centre. For further information please refer to the Airpoints Terms and Conditions.

Elite threshold gifts

Elite Gifts thank our Elite members for choosing to fly with us so frequently. When a member reaches 3000, 5000 and 7,500 Status Points from their last requalification date, we'll get in touch so you can make your selection.

These are just a small selection of the gifts we have on offer:

  • A 6 course tasting with matching wines at one of Auckland leading degustation restaurants, Clooney’s.
  • A 4 course dining experience at Peter Gordon’s The Providores and Tapa Room in Marylebone High Street, London.
  • An additional Recognition Upgrade
  • A case of medal winning wines from the Air New Zealand Wine Awards.

When qualifying for an Elite Gift a member of our Premium Team will be in contact to arrange this special treat for you.

Complimentary Frequent Flyer seating

Elite, Gold and Koru members can request Frequent Flyer seating with any eligible fare they purchase (Frequent Flyer seating is not available on our Night Rider fares). You no longer need to purchase The Works in order to request a seat in the reserved Frequent Flyer seating area on trans-Tasman and Pacific Island flights.

You'll find reserved Frequent Flyer Seating towards the front of our cabins on most Air New Zealand flights - just remember to enter your Airpoints number when you book to be able to request this reserved seating if available online, or through My Bookings when you sign in to your Air New Zealand account.

Priority wait-listing

If the flight you want is full, you can be priority wait-listed in the chance a seat becomes available. This must be requested through your booking agent or if you have booked online simply call our Air New Zealand Contact Centre. This service is available on Air New Zealand and Star Alliance-operated flights. Wait-listing is not available in conjunction with reward tickets and is not available on all fare types.