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What are Cookies?

A cookie is a small text file that can be placed on your device (e.g. computer, tablet, mobile phone) when browsing a website.

Two kinds of cookies are used on the Air New Zealand website - session cookies and persistent cookies.

  1. Session cookies are used to remember selections made in the booking process, giving you a more seamless booking experience on our website. Session cookies are deleted automatically when you leave the website or close your browser.
  2. Persistent cookies are used to identify you when you return to our website and/or to remember specific information about your preferences. These cookies also help us understand browsing behaviour within the website, which can assist us in customising content that we believe will be most relevant to your interests. Persistent cookies are stored on the user's computer and are not deleted when the browser is closed - these cookies must be 'manually' deleted if you want to remove them.

First and third party cookies
Air New Zealand sets cookies (first party cookies) on web pages, however, where we require additional information and services we also allow other companies to host cookies on our web pages (third party cookies). These partner companies have been carefully selected by and constantly monitored by Air New Zealand. Third party cookies that our partners set will support the customisation of advertisements viewed elsewhere on the internet and are required to meet contractual obligations they have with us.

To learn more about cookies, please visit or

What does Air New Zealand use cookies for?

The cookies used by Air New Zealand are categorised into four groups (being those specified in the International Chamber of Commerce UK Cookie Guide published in April 2012):

  1. Strictly Necessary cookies - these cookies are necessary to enable our website to operate efficiently so that visitors can navigate around our website with ease and use specific features. If these cookies are disabled, services that you subsequently request cannot be provided.
  2. Performance/Tracking cookies - these cookies are used to obtain statistics on how our visitors are interacting with our website, for instance which pages are visited most often. These cookies collect information that is aggregated and therefore cannot be used to identify an individual's identity. Such information allows us to continuously improve our website to provide our customers with a better online experience.
  3. Functionality cookies - these cookies allow our website to remember choices you have made previously in order to improve your online experience, for example remembering past flight searches you have made in our booking engine.
  4. Advertising/targeting cookies - these cookies gather information about a user's browsing habits, which assists delivery of more relevant advertising. These cookies are placed by third parties on our behalf (and with our permission) and also assist the third parties to measure their online advertising campaigns. Air New Zealand does not have any access or control over the cookies or similar technologies that our partners use, therefore we recommend you check each third party's cookie policy for more information. Please note it is possible to remove these cookies and still continue to use our website.

Examples of cookies used on Air New Zealand's websites

Category of cookie
Host(s) Purpose of cookies
Strictly necessary Air New Zealand
Oracle RightNow
These cookies are essential in order for you to seamlessly navigate the Air New Zealand site and use its features. Services you request on our site, such as searching for flights and making bookings, could not be delivered without such cookies.
Performance/Tracking Google Analytics
Google Analytics and Tagman cookies collect information in an anonymous form, providing website analytics and sales data. We can therefore determine where visitors have come from to our site, how they are interacting with our site and how many visits have been recorded to our site. Such cookies assist with making ongoing improvements to our website and your online experience.
Functionallity Air New Zealand
We use a variety of functionality cookies that help us remember selections you have made in our site and assist with customising offerings to you in present and subsequent visits to our site. Examples include:
  • remembering your most recent flight searches so we can present these on subsequent visits to our homepage
  • remembering previous information you have entered so you don’t have to input the same information on subsequent visits
  • detecting the product you have selected and presenting relevant offerings/information to you, for instance, providing travel insurance packages and entry/transit requirements based on your destination.
Advertising/Targeting Atlas
Comission Junction
Invite Media
Right Media
Scorecard Research
ValueClick Media
These cookies are used by our partners to track performance of online marketing campaigns, to recognise your visits to third party websites, conduct market research and to ensure advertisements are as relevant as possible to you. Some of these cookies are used by our affiliate partners to track generated referrals from their site to ours and any sales we have obtained that have resulted from these referrals. These cookies are used solely for the purpose of compensating our affiliates.

How do I control my cookie settings on my computer?

Please be aware that if you decide to disable or block cookies, parts of our website will not function correctly, or at all, and we may not be able to offer our services to you, complete a transaction or meet any special needs or requests you may have.

Should you choose however to disable or block our cookies on your device you will need to do this through your browser. Click on the 'Help' menu on your particular browser to learn how to manage your cookie preferences. Alternatively, you can visit or for comprehensive information on how to manage cookies.