With effect from 21 June 2012, the following surcharges will apply for payments with credit card.

Flights from the UK to New Zealand, Australia and Pacific Islands £15.00 per person
Flights from the UK to Los Angeles and North America £5.50 per person
Flights from the UK to Hong Kong and mainland China £5.50 per person
Flights between New Zealand and Australia only £5.50 per person
Flights within New Zealand only £4.00 per person




For transactions with debit card there will continue to be NO surcharge applied

Charges are applied based on return journey and are determined by the furthest destination in the flight itinerary and are only applied to new flight bookings. For any customers booking a one way journey, the fee will be applied at 50% of that based on a return journey.

Details of any applicable credit card payment surcharges will be listed during the booking flow before a request for payment is made.