California has always been a magnet for dreams and dreamers. Its awe-inspiring landscapes, unreal icons and copious amounts of sunshine create an epic backdrop for the creative, free-spirited, fun-loving, anything-is-possible vibe for which California is so famous.

Entertainment in all its forms is synonymous with California, whether you’re visiting with stars in your eyes and looking for the ultimate café to people watch, or are heading off the beaten track to pursue the memory of a legend of yesteryear.

The gateway cities of Los Angeles, San Francisco and San Diego may offer everything from high culture to theme parks, but California’s creative juices certainly don’t stop at the city limits. You never know what hidden gems you might just stumble upon when you venture further afield on an adventure of your own. How about an impromptu gig at a roadside café by a world-famous artist? A festival celebrating jumping frogs straight from the pages of Steinbeck? A master class in just how it’s done by a seven year old on a skateboard? Or a movie filming on location and looking for last minute extras?

You won’t have to travel far to find an event or spectacle that will entertain, amuse and hopefully inspire you here in the Golden State.

Dreaming big in California is no problem.

Watch these California dreamers for more inspiration

David Garibaldi paints Jerry Garcia in stunning San Francisco performance

Edward Sharpe’s Big Top Dream – "Man on Fire"

Bandaloop - dancers perform gravity-defying dances suspended in mid-air

Ryan Heffington's “Dream of Dance”

Band Of Horses - Heartbreak On The 101 (Live at the Hollywood Sign)